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Bargain BBQ Box


6 x Homemade Beef Burgers 6 x Homemade Thick Pork & Leek Sauages 6 x Chinese Pork Steaks 6 x Tikka Kofta Kebabs 6 x Chicken Thighs

BBQ Burger & Sausage Box


20 x Homemade Beef Burgers 20 x Thick Pork Sausages (Choose from Pork & Leek or Dragon Chilli Sausages or half and half, please specify which ones on the order comments)  

Bodybuilder Box


4 x 220g (8oz) Sirloin Steaks
4 x 220g (8oz) Rump Steaks
4 x 220g (8oz) Lean Pork Steaks
20 x Skinless and Boneless Chicken Breasts

Sale! 0000115_weekly-meat-box

May Madness Box

£80.00 £55.00

*picture is for illustration purposes Here’s your May Bargain A £20 Pack of Fresh British Sirloin Steaks(4-6 Hand Trimmed Steaks) 6 Chicken Thighs (skin on) 400g Extra Lean 5% Fat Steak Mince 6 Pork & Leek Sausages A 300g Pack of Best Smoked Back Bacon 2 Thick Cut Pork Steaks In Garlic Butter 2 Thick …
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Meat Monster BBQ Box


Having a party or the family around, this box is perfect for you! 10 x Homemade Beef Burgers 20 x Thick Pork & Leek Sausages 10 x Chinese Pork Steaks 12 x Kofta Kebabs 12 x Fresh Chicken Thighs 12 x BBQ Chicken Kebabs

Slimming week box


*image for illustration only. Box contains:

2 x 8oz Sirloins

2 x 500g Lean Steak mince

2 x 300g Bacon Medallions

6 x Chicken Breasts

6 x Lean Pork Steaks

Small Muscle Box


*image for illustration only. Box contains:

2x  8oz Rump Steaks

2x 8oz Sirloin Steaks

2 x Large Chicken Breasts

2 x Lean Pork Steaks

2 x 500g Lean Mince Beef

Steak Lovers 10 x Sirloins



Steak Lovers 10 x Sirloin Steaks
Only £30!!!! with free delivery as always!!
Plus they are British Steaks!!
Available while stocks last over the half term.
Why not add this to one of our BBQ boxes.

Super Stack Gold


Here is the Super Stack Gold,  NOTE: The deal picture may not fully describe the deal contents, please see deal description below for full contents! 8 Large Fresh Chicken Breast Fillets 2 Full Fresh Roasting Chickens 2x500g Fresh Diced Chicken Breast 12 Free Range Farm Eggs 4 Fresh Tender Sirloin Steaks 4 Tender Rump Steaks …
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