National BBQ Week

May 29th marks the start of National BBQ week in Britain. The sun is shining (somewhere) and it’s time to fire up the barbecue ready to kick start the summer season.

We’ve got a whole range of fresh, high-quality meat products that we will deliver to any workplace or home within the SA postcode.

Our Bargain BBQ Box is packed full of chicken breasts, beef burgers, minted lamb chops, chicken tikka skewers and pork sausages, and we’ve also included our very own marinade recipe cards to give your meat something a little bit extra.

If chicken is your thing then our Mexican Marinade could be just the right spice for you. Featuring lime, honey and chilli powder this sweet and spicy marinade can really turn up the heat on your barbecue.

Our BBQ marinade is perfect for all the meat lovers out there. Smoked Paprika, Golden Syrup and BBQ Sauce are just three of the ingredients that make up our special marinade.

If you prefer something a little bit different on your barbecue then our Five Spice marinade goes perfectly with pork. Our twist on the classic marinade features Soy Sauce and Garlic to make sure it’s packed full of flavour.

If this little taster of some of our marinades has whet the appetite then why not check out our full range of products and get yourself prepared for the barbecue season.

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