Beef Back Ribs


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Beef ribs are also sometimes known as short ribs or Jacob’s Ladder. Ours are taken from British cattle.

They are a lot larger than the more common pork ribs, and also have a lot more flavour. Cooked on a low heat for a long time, the meat will be meltingly tender and will fall off the bone.

Often overlooked, beef ribs are gaining in popularity as home chefs become more ambitious. Perfect for the BBQ but also ideal as a braised Winter dish.

Tip: If barbecuing cook slowly in the oven first and then finish on the grill, so the meat will be cooked through but not dry

Each pack weighs a minimumĀ 1kg and will provide 4 servings.

5-7 kg

5-7kg feeds 5

7-8 kg

7-8kg feeds 8

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